On Expectations!!

Guys, from now on I’d like you to share your thoughts on my quotes which will help everyone grow together.
“Irrespective of your achievements, your success , irrespective of receiving respect and love from the whole world, there will be these 3-4 or more or less people in your life who’ll either have hatred towards you or non acceptance. Isn’t it??
And these people are very close in your life in terms of distance and relationship, and that’s what makes you even more reactive towards them if a certain situation arises. Either we hate them or we start maintaining space with them. But it doesn’t bring change on a deeper level. Instead make yourself available to them once in a while not aiming to have relationship better but just try this without any expectations ,but with all your heart. Even if they react bad, that’s alright , after 15 days again follow the same. Can you follow this for your life? Many of you may not, but some may. It’s difficult but possible . This is actually a skill which will bring a shift in your life slowly and gradually. Once again, dont Expect, just be. And remember, one has to be skillful in applying this skill.”

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